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About My Family Treasure Chest - James, Falkenstrom, Kragh, Smith & Related Families
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Here in my Family Treasure Chest you'll find the family lines i've been 
researching. Just to name a few - INCE, JAMES, HALE, ROBERTS, MATTHEWS, FALKENSTROM, 

They go off into many directions - Denmark, Sweden, England, Wales, Germany, 
Switzerland and in the US, the east coast, particularly New Jersey & Pennsylvania 

Here's a bit of where the families lived in America:

My Dad's family~

INCE aka JAMES - My James family in America first came to Philadelphia in 1891, and by 1893 
was living in Hudson Co, NJ, moving to South Orange, Essex Co, NJ by 1903.

In NJ - Warren, Hunterdon, Essex and Hudson Counties. Edward Smith was born 
about 1810 in Still Valley, Greenwich Township, Warren Co, NJ. 
In PA - Northampton County, especially Martins Creek, Lower Mount Bethel and 
the Easton and Bethlehem area. Also Allentown, Lehigh Co and Wilkes Barre area in 
Luzerne Conty, PA.

ALLSHOUSE - lived in Harmony Tsp, Warren Co, NJ

KISSELBACH - lived in Easton, PA & Phillipsburg area, Warren Co, NJ


My Mom's family ~

in NJ - Perth Amboy, Fords and Metuchen, NJ - all in Middlesex County 
in CT - Branford, New Haven Co.
in ME - Bar Harbor, Hancock Co.

Yay this mystery was solved through DNA! Turns out my great grandfather completely changed his name 
from Horatio Arthur INCE to William Henry James in 1891 when marrying my great grandmother Sarah 
HALE. For info please feel free to contact me - i'd be happy to share the story that sent me on a 
wild goose chase for years :)

WHO IS MY MYSTERY MAN HENRY JAMES??? or is it William Henry James?
Henry, b. 24 May 1855 England or Wales, was a grainer/painter. His father
Robert James b. Wales, was a carpenter. Henry married Sarah Hale 6 Jul 1891 in 
Kensington, London at the registrar office. Just 2 days later Henry and Sarah 
sailed to America, departing Liverpool on board the Indiana, arriving in 
Philadelphia 23 July 1891.

Next Henry shows up 9 May 1892 in New York City applying for his 
naturalisation papers. Sarah had returned to London to give birth to their 
first son where on 3 May 1892, at her parents address (85 St Clements Rd, 
Kensington) she gave birth to my grandfather Henry John Robert James 
(otherwise known as Harry.) Sarah returned to America that summer with their 
new baby and they lived in Jersey City, NJ. Sarah made a trip back to 
Kensington for the birth of their next child, Robert, who was born on 7 Jun 
1894. By 1903 Henry, Sarah and children lived on Academy Street in South 
Orange, Essex Co, NJ. They eventually had at least 6 children. 

i haven't been able to find Henry in any of the UK census records, nor locate 
his birth record. Henry's marriage certificate, as well as his first son's 
birth record, lists Henry's name as William Henry James. Finding his name 
William Henry came as a bit of a surprise, as i found no other family members 
with the given name William. Still i haven't been able to locate him through 
the name William either.

i am open to suggestions!

Family hearsay is that Henry was married prior to his marriage to Sarah to an 
Irish woman possibly named Mary who lived in Jersey City, NJ and that they 
came to America together. Ellis Island records show a Henry James, grainer, 
proper age, on his way to Philadelphia with a woman named Catherine arriving 
19 Feb 1892. Could this be him? 

Henry is said to have painted murals on ships, attended military academy, had 
a connection with the Isle of Wight, and a brother that worked on an ocean 
liner that met disaster at sea. In New Jersey he was a master painter & 
decorator. A member of an Episcopal church, its said he called for a priest 
before he died, claiming to be Catholic after all those years. 

He remains our mystery man - Would he happen to be a Henry of yours?




My grandmother used to tell me the story of her Uncle Theodor Holm who left 
Denmark before she was born, with his wife and two children to follow a gold 
rush in Australia. They were believed lost in a tidal wave. Its said that her 
mother missed her brother so much she would cry just about every day for him 
and named my grandmother's brother after this uncle. My great grandmother told 
the story to my grandmother, who told the story to me. 

Much to my surprise, the goose bump kind, I got an email from Australia this 
past winter - about 127 years later - saying they think we're related. I of 
course relayed the handed down story of our Holm family having been lost in a 
tidal wave, for as much as I wanted it to be true, i couldn't imagine it could 

But amazingly it was! For recently in searching through Haderslev parish 
records online, I came across the documents we needed to link the two families 
together. For whatever reason the family had just lost touch and now here we 
are after all these years!

And of course when i told my daughter the news, she said - but weren't they 
lost in a tidal wave?

A special thank you to my new cousin Jade Hazell for finding us!!!

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